Pushkar is half holy city, half hippie hangout.

Time seems to move slowly in Pushkar, a holy city in India’s desert state of Rajasthan. India is one of the most scintillating travel destinations in the world, and Pushkar stands out as uniquely different from just about every other Indian city I’ve thus far visited. Forget the hustle and bustle of everything you’ve experienced on your way to this tiny hidden gem of a city, and relax for a while. Stop anywhere, as it’s a true tourist’s town where your needs as a foreigner (purified water, sanitary eating conditions, general comfort and cleanliness, knowledge of the English language, etc.) are well understood and delivered. Enjoy a cup of chai and maybe snack on some fried vegetable pakora, exhaling some of the tension you’ve inevitably picked up as you’ve traveled here. (There are no direct flights into this small city; the nearest airport is in Jaipur.)

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