The famous pink city in Rajasthan!

[To be written... everything I have learned about playing wtih monkeys.]

Mywife spent some time selecting and purchasing a sari (sometimes spelled saree) in India recently, and I got to observe the process. A sari, for anyone who doesn’t know, is a piece of traditional women’s wear in India. They range from normal, every-day type saris all the way up to elaborate wedding saris.

I’d estimate the typical range would be maybe 400 to 2,000 rupees (about $6 to $30 U.S.) for lower-end, every-day-use ones, up to maybe 6,000–20,000 for the fancier ones appropriate for special events, and then an insane level that goes up into the lakhs (several thousand U.S. dollars, and up). We were shopping for the $100+ variety.